Business and Gita |Introduction


Gita is 5000 year old 700 verses hindu scripture in sanskrit. It’s a narrative between pandava prince Arjuna and his guide n charioteer God Krishana. Gita is about ethical and moral struggle of human life and finding the ‘way’ or the ‘right path’. In business life with growing conflict between earning dollars and saving the planet – Gita is as relevant as it has ever been. In this series we will see parallels between Business and Gita. This is introduction video of the series ‘Business and Gita’.


Fresh Graduate Initiation Program


Majority of graduating youth in India is not employable. Life Long Learner Community at Rishi Diwan offers skill enhancing programs. The flagship program is FGI program to initiate learners into a path of success towards their career building. The program is designed to help identify skill gaps, set realistic career goals and constant mentoring from best professional coach in the country.

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24th Feb 2017 at Sector 93, Noida


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