Brief Journey of an apprentice to a corner office  : upcoming Book


Rishi worked his way up from a graduate trainee to a multi-national multi-million dollar organization CEO. In this book Rishi would like to share the skill set important to find place at corner office. The book is not published and set to be published by end of 2017.

With your comments and insight you can contribute to developing the book content like – literature type (selection by March 2017), index (by June 2017) and specific content (by September 2017).

Literature type Possibilities: ‘A self help book’ or ‘A Story book – novel form’

Kalpana Narain, author and Managing Partner from Full Spectrum Consulting, shared that both are successful literature types. The decision should be based on strength of author. What can be a gripping content.

3 thoughts on “Books

  1. Great to know this Rishi. My best wishes to you and I am sure that it will be a good one. I tried writing short notes but realised that I am not a good writer. I love to share and speak though.


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