SWOT Analysis – Simplified

SWOT analysis is integral part of ‘determination of success factors’ while planning annual goals and building strategy. This blog post focuses on two key elements – ‘How to segregate business processes at large demarcated between Internal and External elements?’ and ‘ Simple method to run SWOT analysis of sub-processes with one example each from Internal and External processes?’.

Element 1 : Segregate Business Processes

Business processes can be segregated among 4 pillars – Finance, Sales, Operations and Human Resources. Lets divide some key business process among these pillars for manufacturing :


internal external processes

I an in love with the above image which classifies processes beautifully. Internal Processes are grouped under group 1. Blue color denotes Finance process and its sub-processes, orange color denotes Sales process, pink denotes Internal Processes and green denotes HR process.  Group 2 contains external processes. Red denoting typical stake holders and typical key elements. Yellow denoting SEPTEM which is important Social, Economical, Political, Tech, Environmental and Legal aspect can affect business situation.

These internal and external processes can vary depending on nature of business a company has got. The above list is very generic for a manufacturing / service organization. These processes can be further tiered so that specific actions can be identified for work groups withing plants/ sites. Lets look at example of internal process number 1.10 production and lets see a typical example of further tiered level of its further processes. Similarly lets look at example of external process number 2.9 technological and lets see a typical example of its further tiered levels.

internal external processes-sub processes


Element 2 : Running Template for each sub-process to arrive at SWOT results  

Segregation of processes is key to arrive at good planning and to produce successful SWOT outcome. Once processes and sub-processes are identified. A simple template can be run for each process. Lets review one internal process example for sub process 1.10.4 Scrap.

internal SWOT example.png


Lets review one external process example for sub process 1.9.3 New Product Technology.

external SWOT example.png

After collecting results for each sub-process by template-run involving relevant work groups withing organization, one ends up summarizing SWOT summary. This SWOT summary is important element of ‘ Determine Success Factor’ while evolving annual plan in annual strategy meeting of organization.

The SWOT summary can look like below template with clearly defined priority level, activity proposal and savings value.

SWOT summary.png

It provides immense impact on organization planning process to complete SWOT Summary and use it as an input to ‘Determine Success Factor’.

With focused template approach the ‘Annual Goal Setting’ exercise can be completed in 1 day of execution and some planning ahead. SWOT workshop can be completed in half day with multiple groups handling set of processes.

For more details about ‘SWOT’ and ‘Annual Goal Setting‘ process and free templates reach out to author at or +919810637103.  All the best.



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